Lorna James

Lorna was born and raised in Luton and has now made Bristol her home.

She is trained as a playback theatre practitioner and conductor and has performed with Breathing Fire, Black Women’s Playback Theatre Company and Queer Playback Theatre. She was a founder member of both companies performing in community settings, as well as more formal arts spaces.

She is also a consultant and facilitator in the voluntary sector and higher education.

She has experience of supporting and facilitating black creative work and is passionate about creating multiple and varied spaces for connection, understanding and joy.

  • “More! More! More! Fantastic”
  • “Exceptional show and performance. Huge thanks and congratulations to all the amazing women involved. Thanks to sponsors too. Deserves to be seen by many."
  • “Great variety of Pathos and humour. Such a joy to watch”
  • “Excellent, lots of diverse emotions. Real. You should go on tour. Consider taking to schools. Thanks”
  • “10, This was fantastic; capturing the complexities of identity, the good and the bad. Stunning.”
  • “Wonderful. Really nourishing/enriching. Fabulous celebration.”
  • "Very intimate, informative, personal & thought-provoking."